Life as we all know can be very difficult and challenging at times. Sometimes we need to take time to look at our life at a deeper level to understand, resolve or come to terms with difficult times or issues from our past, present or future. I will offer unconditional positive regard, empathy and a genuine approach without judgement which will transpire to provide a warm and trusting therapeutic relationship.

Finding the right counsellor for you is very important as a good therapeutic relationship is paramount in counselling. Please feel free to contact me to have an initial chat by telephone to find out if we could work together, there is no obligation, you can chat about whether counselling is right for you and if you would like to progress or not. I am committed to being an open and honest counsellor and abide by BACP ethical codes.

Contact me on telephone number: 07789713907
E-mail: anne.stevenson35@sky.com
or you can use my contact form


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